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About The Instructor

Harel was born and raised in Los Angeles, and he loves to dance. He started Israeli folk dancing at 18 as a hobby, and quickly picked up countless dances.  In 2008, he joined Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble as a performer. Through this he also began teaching Israeli dancing to children.  He continues to teach children and adults throughout Los Angeles with a goal to bring in a new generation of dancers.  


Harel graduated from California State University, Northridge, June 2015, with a focus in child development. He aims to help those who have developmental disabilities. Working as a specialist assisting in social interactions and focusing on giving children much livelier experiences.

Meet The Team

Leslie 6-6-20.png

Leslie Asaraf

Assists with demonstrating dances and prepares healthy snacks.

Our Team
Harel top hat.jpg
Harel top hat.jpg

 Bridgette Martin

Assists with taking money and selling dance cards.

Ashley Segall

I love you

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